A few days into the new year

So, we are a few days into the new year.  Curious on how many people set resolutions or did a growth plan for 2016?! And if you did, where are you at with hitting those these first few days in?!

I am a huge fan of growth plans.  I have done one for the past 6 years.  If you are a leader, it is tough to grow without a plan on how to get there.  No one would take a vacation without figuring out where to go, how much money it would cost, how long to go for, etc.  Your trajectory to better influence is the same way.  We have to remember that we will always be the lid on where we lead.  If we are not growing we are go backwards.

Here are a few thoughts on my approach to a growth plan…

  • Make it custom and keep it simple
    • Don’t use someone else’s plan…using a template is fine but do not use their goals
    • It should be easy to read and easy to see how you are doing
    • Check it regularly to see how you are doing
    • Don’t be afraid to adjust mid year or quarterly
    • Make the goals to push you but be reachable
  • I focus on a few areas on my plan
    • Spiritual
      • My bible reading
      • My daily devotions
      • My prayer time
    • Family
      • Vacations
      • Date days with spouse and daughter
      • Intentionally leading them
    • Ministry
      • Developing a Timothy
      • Investing in leaders
      • Working on communication
    • Sometimes depending on the season, I will add something custom like:
      • Fitness (when I needed to lose 100 lbs)
      • Money…trying to pay off a debt or get a savings set up

There is no right or wrong to this.  The goal is for you to get better against the current version of yourself!  Let 2016 be the year that your influence goes to the next level.

If you have not set some goals or put a plan together for 2016…it is not too late!  Spend a few minutes this week and hit next week off to the races.


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