Return on Investment


It is the start of a new year.  This should mean we have completed looking at where we started 2013 and where we finished 2013.  My look at that included my blog.  It was April the last time I blogged.  That is when I reviewed the return on investment for my blog.  I felt that I was not getting out a great enough return on what I was investing into it.  I am in a new season and feel that this is a great time to re-start blogging.

As leaders, it is always important to look at the return on investment for what we are doing.  This might be a blog, events, ministry direction, people, resources, etc.  Everyday we are working with limited resources with time, finances, and people.  It is our job as leaders to make sure we are getting the most out of those pieces.  Make sure you can measure your results!  Sometimes a fix might be a simple move or restructure and other times it might be a difficult conversation with someone very close to us.  As leaders we have to be able to make tough decisions to improve our ROI and try things that are out of our comfort zone and stretches us.  It is all about the bottom line.

How is your return on investment looking?  What changes do you need to make?

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