emotions are great indicators


Lately I have felt like I have been caught up in a whirlwind of emotions…almost like puberty 2.0 or the girl before prom.  Whatever the case, I have been really digging into these a little bit and wanted to share what I have discovered.  I think a lot of times the world and people tell us to hide our emotions.  We also hide them behind a mask, addiction, relationship, job, or something else.  We hear “to suck it up”, or “put our big boy/girl pants on”, “its not that big of deal”, etc.  I feel sometimes that can be true but I also believe that emotions can be great indicators of our health level.  Emotions are like the indicators on your car.  Tire pressure low, check engine, change oil, low fuel etc.  I think we have to be careful not to be too dismissive of our emotions.  We need to dig in, unpack, and most importantly seek God to speak and reveal to these emotions.  I look at the life of Jesus.  Jesus felt emotions.  He was angry at the Temple over the money changers.  He cried when Lazarus died.  He felt compassion when he fed people and healed people .  He also felt love, joy, peacefulness  and much more.  Jesus felt what we feel.  Our emotions tell us things.  When our emotions are telling us to slow down we need to slow down.  When they are telling us this relationship has run the course we need to move towards closure.  When they say set boundaries  we need to set those boundaries.  When God gives us direction on these emotions we need to listen.  If He is saying this season or chapter of our journey is over we need to quit fighting Him and ask Him to show us the next chapter.  Seek first God!  I believe God gives us emotions to keep our priorities in order.  Just my random thoughts…

Today I will face my emotions and see what God is showing me!


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2 Responses to emotions are great indicators

  1. Debbie Daugherty says:

    Thanks Chad. Good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Luana Blanton says:

    Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. Also, while our emotions change, God’s promises never do. So grateful you are our ‘covering’ at CR and praying for you as you lead us.

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