Jesus had ridiculous patience

Well 2013 is here and if you are like me you are reviewing you new growth plan.  It is time to celebrate the successes of 2012 and look to the ways to reach your full potential in 2013.  If you want a great growth plan to download click here.  This is one my Pastor put together from his latest book The Plan of Your Life.  As I reflect back over the last few growth plans, one area that I continue to need to work on and grow in is patience.  It is definitely not my spiritual gift!  I have decided that maybe the reason I am not growing in this area is because of lack of commitment on my part.  Usually I can, and need to take ownership when I do not hit the mark.  I focus on other areas, or start strong on patience and then fade out by mid March.  I have decided to change that this year.  I am going to pick patience as my topic of study for 2013.  That said, I give you all permission to hold me accountable on how I am doing.  See, the truth is, I just don’t kind of struggle with patience.  I struggle with patience for myself, having patience with others, and patience with God.  I took my focus on patience to Jesus.  Jesus had to have crazy, ridiculous patience.  Look at all of the distractions He faced.  His calendar on His smart phone never matched up with what He was currently doing.  C’mon, feeding of 5,000 has to take a toll on patience.  “My side dish is not correct”.  “I asked for medium rare”.  And look at the disciples.  The are the picture associated with patience in the dictionary if you asked Jesus.  Peter surely screamed out to Jesus somewhere “Have patience with me”!  I mean really, this is Peter we are talking about.  Jesus modeled patience.  I need my focus on patience to go from where I am on it to where Jesus wants me to be on it.  It is like anything else we want or want to achieve.  I have to be intentional with this.  There has to be a road map.  There has to be accountability.  2013, here I come.

Today is the day I will start my journey of growth in patience!


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