Luke taught me a lesson

This past weekend my dad and I took a trip to the Ocoee River.  We stayed in a cabin for 3 days, went whitewater rafting, and got to go horseback riding.  This was the second time we got to raft together and it was a blast.  Honesty counts…I did fall out of the raft.  Hours after rafting we climbed on some horses to go on a trail into the mountains.  This was pretty big for a city boy like me.  My horses name was Luke.  I thought go with a biblical name and we would get along…not the case.  Luke had a tad bit of an attitude.  Luke was either really hard to work with or really easy to work with.  Luke was not supposed to eat the grass…but it happened to be his favorite.  To get him to stop eating the grass you had to pull up hard on the reins.  This took a lot of hard work and effort.  But to get him to go left or right, or start or stop took very little effort.  It was a simple light tug on the reins.  This reminded me of my walk and recovery.  Sometimes I get things very easy and sometimes they are very difficult.  Sometimes I am very easy to coach and other times I am like Luke and the grass.  I am learning that when things take a little more work, don’t give up on them, but stay the course.  Work hard and let yourself be coached through the situation or lesson.  If change and growth were always easy we would all be light years ahead of where we are.  It takes work and patience.  Find someone to help you on your journey!

Today is the day that I will stay the course in tough areas!


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