Last full day of 3rd grade present

Our nine-year old daughter Taylor is amazing.  She is such an incredible young lady in Christ.  She has gone places in her walk with the Lord that I did not see until my 30’s.  I know she is going to do far greater things for the Kingdom than I will ever be able to accomplish.  Sometimes she sees things so simply and has a way of teaching me.  This morning was one of those days.  I went in to wake her up for school and congratulated her on having one full day of third grade left.  Her first sentence to me was this: “I get my handmade gift from my teacher today”.  She was so happy for that.  What if that was our first thought?  That today we get a gift, just for us, from our Teacher.  What if we could not wait to get up and open what God has for us?  I believe this could radically change each day for us if we had this approach.  God has something so special for each of us today that He made just for us!  Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God.  Seek that handmade present!

Today is the day I will seek what God has for me.  Today is the day I will recover.


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