So excited and honored to have People Of The Second Chance as “guest bloggers” today.  Please check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.  They pretty much tell my life story in everything that they do.  They are an amazing group of people who are making a difference in this world.  Life IS all about second chances and radical grace.  I am so thankful for the second chances and grace that I receive on a daily basis.

Here is what POTSC have to say:

Christmas can get hectic.  Parties, presents, travel, family … stress.  Before you know it, you’ve turned into a seasick crocodile.  A bad banana.  As cuddly as a cactus.

Or maybe it’s the people around you. Your Grinch of an aunt or Scrooge of a boss or your brother with a heart that’s two sizes small.

But the great thing about Christmas is that it’s a great time to show grace to all those toadstool sandwiches in our lives.  And, it’s a time when all of us have received some grace ourselves.

So this year, ask yourself who you’d give a second chance to.  Who do you NEED to give a second chance to. Trade in the 39 and 1/2 foot pole, wash the garlic out of your soul, and embrace a life of second chances!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today is the day I will extend grace to those around me!  Today is the day I will receive grace that someone extends to me!  Today is the day I will recover!


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