Wanting more!

I was in my quiet time and reflected on my need or desire of wanting more.  I seem to be at a “gotta have more” phase.  Now I feel my heart is right and my motives are good but it still gets me thinking.  I am one of them people who will do “this” when I get more of “that”.  We can do a vacation when we have more money or my big one lately is trying to break into vocational ministry.  Then I thought about Moses.  God asked Moses what was in his hand.  Moses replied “it’s just an ‘ol stick” [at least that is how my version reads :)]  God told Moses to throw it on the ground.  It was more than just a stick.  I feel sometimes our focus needs to be shifted.  Instead of asking God to put me into vocational ministry, my prayer should be God let me use what is in my hands to expand your kingdom.  Let me be grateful for what I have in my hands instead of those things being what I feel entitled to.  If we all just stepped back for a minute, looked at our immediate surrounding/conditions/resources, are we using what we presently have to do all we can do?  Probably not!  Instead of just waiting around to get more, let us push forward, using what we have right now to do all we can with it.  Today is the day I will use my that ‘ol stick in my hand to the max!  Today is the day I will recover!


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