Gas v. Charcoal

We are now into the grilling season and I for one am excited.  I absolutely love grilling out, being with family and friends, enjoying the beautiful God-given day, and of course…the smells.  There is a unique smell to grilling.  This smell will be different based on the rubs, marinades, gas/charcoal method, type/cut of meat, and the “love” that is put into the act of grilling.  As I was grilling a few weeks ago, I realized how similar our recoveries are to grilling.  Some of us are a gas method and others are a charcoal method.  Some of us are like a Cajun rub, others a hickory smoke, and yet others a rich and thick BBQ sauce.  Like the cook out…we are different.  Some of us need more 12 Step study, others more fellowship/time with a mentor or sponsor, some more meetings in a week…you get the point.  However, like grilling, there are some common denominators.  All grilling needs heat and we all need a relationship and time with God.  All grilling requires some sort of food to cook and we all require our spiritual food (God’s Word).  Just like a good cook puts love into the menu, God puts and pours His love into us.  This is never-ending, unfailing, all perfect love.  He does not care if we have been through a fire or flame up like a grill, or if we are a little charred around the edges.  He wants us just the way we are.  He is seeking a relationship with each and every one us right now.  Are you ready to take the cook out to the next level?  Are you ready to put the extra work in (like grilling, for a good result) to be all you can be for God?  I know I am!

Today is the day I will be all I can be for God.  Today is the day I will recover!


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  1. Very nice illustration.

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