When does our outreach end?

I had lunch with my dear friend Kyle http://www.kylesrandom.com/ yesterday.  He asked me about a gentlemen he had me do a follow-up call with.  It got me thinking that I had called but had failed to re-call for additional follow-up.  I called that guy today and personally invited him to our Celebrate Recovery ministry on Monday night to hear Pastor Chris Stephens http://www.drchrisstephens.com/blog/ speak.  This guy was blown away by the fact I would take time and think of him again.  So when does our outreach come to an end?  I know it is hard to check on everyone we come in contact with, at all different functions, with all different circumstances, all the time.  But, what if we just took a few minutes each day and sent someone a quick email/letter or grabbed the phone and asked how they were doing?  This little 5-10 minute task can have such an impact on a person.  Can you guys imagine the impact it would have in our workplaces, churches, communities, and beyond?  I know that I enjoy when someone checks on me.  I for one am glad that Jesus’ outreach did not come to an early end!  I am glad He did not just minister (outreach) to a couple of people on the road somewhere and say “that’s good enough”.  Jesus gave us a perfect example for pressing on and how we are to reach out to people.  In the time we take to have a soda or cup of coffee we can invest in someone’s life.  These investments may have eternal consequences!  Just some random thoughts…

Today is the day I will be intentional about outreach.  Today is the day I will recover!


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1 Response to When does our outreach end?

  1. Kyle Gilbert says:

    I always enjoy our time hanging out together, Chad. Thanks for being a great friend.

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