What’s your method?

We (meaning my amazing wife and so very helpful father) have been doing a lot of painting in our new home.  I spent a few years during my high school days in the paint department at a local hardware store.  The one thing that I noticed is there are a ton of different methods, styles, and approaches to painting.  Some people like to trim everything out first and then do the walls.  Others like to tackle the walls and finish with the trimming.  Some like rollers, others brushes, and some people like the sprayer.  A few techniques include going vertical while some do horizontal.  I learned it is best to make “X’s” and then infill it.  Some just slap it on in a wild animal kingdom fashion.  The process of painting is so very similar to our program of recovery.  Just like painting is made up basic components (applicator, paint, tape, drop cloths) are recoveries are made up of similar components.  These will hopefully include: time with God, prayer and meditation, reading the Bible and other growth books, a sponsor/mentor, and some time in community discussing recovery and growth (to name a few).  Just like the different painters tackle the projects in different fashions so must the people in recovery tackle our programs in different fashions.  The “tools” are the same but the approach may be different.  What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.  Don’t model your recovery program identically to someone elses.  Find what works for you.  Take suggestions from others and give these suggestions a try.  Keep what works and discard the rest.  No two recoveries are identical and thus no two recovery programs will be identical.  The most important thing is to constantly work on developing a healthy program and work a program.  How are you going to improve your recovery programtoday?  What next steps are you going to take to grow in your recovery?

Today I will put in the footwork for my recovery!


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