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When does our outreach end?

I had lunch with my dear friend Kyle yesterday.  He asked me about a gentlemen he had me do a follow-up call with.  It got me thinking that I had called but had failed to re-call for additional follow-up.  I called that … Continue reading

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Who cares to admit complete defeat?  If we are honest, not many of us like to do so.  Every natural instinct cries out against it.  A lot of us are taught early on in life that admitting something like being … Continue reading

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Control…Let go and let God

Control.  What comes to mind when you see this word?  Maybe you are thinking about your controlling parents or your significant other controlling who you have as friends.  Reality tells us that at some point in all of our lives … Continue reading

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What’s your method?

We (meaning my amazing wife and so very helpful father) have been doing a lot of painting in our new home.  I spent a few years during my high school days in the paint department at a local hardware store.  … Continue reading

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