We become our surroundings

For a lot of years I was a plumber/pipefitter working on very large commercial projects.  This required me to work in extreme weather conditions, sometimes in a dangerous spot, and most of the time meant some real physical labor.  I would say I was in pretty good shape.  It would not be much for me to work outdoors on a blistering August day and come home and do some yard work or be out in subzero temperatures in December and then shovel the snow.  Three years ago I moved out of the field and into an office position.  I had not given it much thought until yesterday.  Yesterday I had a rude awakening.  I came home from work and went to work on a small landscaping project beside the garage.  I spent two hours doing a little digging, raking, and grading in order to put some rock down.  I woke up today and felt like I had been ran over by a 747.  I had become like my surroundings.  I became soft sitting at a desk all day and not doing any physical  labor.  We turn into what we are around.  The same holds true in our recoveries.  If we continue to hang out with the old playmates in the old playgrounds we should expect to have the same outcomes.  Thus, being like our surroundings.  Someone struggling with gambling should not hang out at the casino, nor a person who struggles with a food addiction hang around the buffet, or a drug addict be at the dope house.  W e WILL be our surroundings.  When we replace those “bad” surroundings with “good” surroundings our conditions will change and our recoveries will become an amazing adventure.  When our surroundings start to include church, a Bible study, a small group with accountability, a sponsor/mentor we can expect to become a new person.  Put down the old playmates and start working on that relationship with your heavenly Father.  This is where we will find true acceptance and true love.  In order to start moving in a positive direction towards good surroundings we MUST turn away from the old surroundings.

What surroundings are you going to become today?  As for me, I am going to seek good people in good places.  I am going to find a safe place to share honestly with someone I can trust.  I am going to seek my Father’s face and strive to have a mind like Christ.  Today my surroundings will be good!  Today is the day I am going to recover!


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