Choices, choices, and more choices

In my quiet time I was reflecting on a couple of choices I made in the last 30 days.  Both of these choices involved sledding.  The first time I thought about taking the family sledding and having a day out in the snow.  The choice I made was to do something else, that at the time, seemed to take priority or have more importance.  It might have been to clean out the garage, work on homework, or clean up the house.  My point is I cannot remember what was more important or took a higher priority than a day sledding with family.  The next time an opportunity arose to go sledding I took full advantage of it.  I am sure I had things that “needed” to get done and probably did not get done and today, I do not remember what they were.  And guess what…life went on and it was truly alright.  I do remember the smiles and laughter of a little 8-year-old girl, and my mother sliding down the hill stopping with her head bouncing off the ground, and I do remember crashing into the tree.  My family has those memories because I made a choice to do a “little” thing.  I missed an opportunity to give a man a jump-start when I left work for a minute to run to the store for a soda.  See, I had to get back to do something “big”.  What was that you ask?  I do not remember.  A “little” choice gone that I will not get back.  That moment I could have been the hands and feet of Jesus, or planted a seed, or just put a smile of someone’s face.  That “little” choice could have had eternal consequences. 

Are we going to make wrong choices in life?  Absolutely.  Are we going to miss those “little” things?  Yes we are.  My prayer is that we start to see those “little” things more and more.  I pray that the scales are removed off our eyes so we can see clearer.  I pray that our ears are open to hear the “little” choices we need to make that our Father desires for us to make.  In one day, or two weeks, or three months, or four years we will not remember what we thought was so big we missed that something “little”.  What choice our you going to make today that will seem “little” but have a HUGE impact on a person, on your family, on His Kingdom, or give you a memory you can cherish forever. 


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2 Responses to Choices, choices, and more choices

  1. Kyle Gilbert says:

    Great thoughts, bro! Makes me want to be more intentional with my decisions.

  2. Kyle Gilbert says:

    Thanks for posting this, my friend. Great stuff to think about.

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