What is recovery?

Since my passion is recovery I feel it only fitting to look at this first.  What is recovery?  In a minute we will look at what recovery is but first let us look at a bigger picture.  I think when people hear the word recovery it is automatically linked to addictions regarding drugs and alcohol.  While this is true it is also looking at all of the hurts, habits, and hang ups we face in life.  These can include a loss of a job, a prodigal child, cancer, relationship issues, a compulsive need to control, co-dependency, and many others.  This is that old recovery cliché of life on  life’s terms.  We all face struggles, pains, hurts, let downs, and all sorts of other things that cause us to be uncomfortable in life.  These will be the so-called “addictions” we hear about.  It is not what are we going to do if these things come but what are we going to do when these things come.  I don’t know about you but I am going to recover.  Recovery is how we look at those “addictions” and more importantly how we deal with and work through them.  Recovery is putting our big boy and big girl pants on and suiting up for the game of life.  There are many programs and suggestions on recovery.  I do not think the important factor is what route we go as long as we go a route.  And if that route does not work we do not give up but rather try another route.  Here are a few things that work for me:

  1. A relationship with a loving and forgiving God
  2. A support team of people close to me who I can be honest with and share openly about what I am going through and what I am feeling.  This also gives me accountability
  3. A recovery/growth plan.  This is my road map of how I am going to get from point A to point B.  This gives me something to aim for and helps in tracking my progress

Lets face it.  Life can be hard and seem unfair at times.  I do not want to sit back and let life defeat me but rather claim the victory given to me by the Blood of Jesus.  Recovery is not always easy but I would rather struggle trying than struggle harder in not trying.  Today is the day I will recover!


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1 Response to What is recovery?

  1. Gretchen Armstrong says:

    Well, Chad, you have certainly come a long way since I first met you. I can only imagine that Brandy is smiling and thanking God for the gift of recovery that you have so obviously embraced. I am so proud of you and sooooooooooo happy for your wonderful family. God is so good and you are so blessed. His plans are always much better than anything we can imagine on our own. I am now employed at Allen Hospital as a gambling counselor and EAP counselor. When I interviewed for my position and the supervisor said the staff would pray about me joining their team I knew that was where I belonged. Give that wonderful wife of yours a big hug for me. Fondly, Gretchen

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